Composting is fast becoming a standard practice with most American households who are looking for ways to stretch their increasingly limited budgets. One of the ways people can save money by composting is simply by not creating as much garbage in your trash cans. Contact us at

You will be surprised how much space is taken up from organic trash in the form of salad trimmings, peelings from fruits and vegetables , coffee grounds , egg shells and so much more.

These things all pile up in the trash and create a huge amount of debris in our landfills around the world , and because most of the organic waste is sealed inside plastic garbage bags , the natural composting effect from mother nature is never allowed to occur.

Composting in our backyards is a way we can all make an effort to decrease the amount of garbage that goes into our landfills and its also a valuable source of gardening fertilizer for you vegetable or flower gardens and anywhere you need to enrich the soil and its completely free !

In an effort to help the earth Quadel Industries is adding composters to its line of proprietary products. We feel that this is one way that we can contribute to the goal of a more sustainable way of life that everyone can participate in and be part of the change. If every household in the United states were to start composting their table scraps , the amount time and money saved would be enormous, so be part of the change , and start composting now !

There are many types of composters on the market to choose from and our goal here at Quadel Industries is to provide affordable solutions for all your composting projects ! We are starting our line of composters with a drum model that allows you to rotate the drum periodically during the composting cycle. It will come with its own base and will also be nestable for easy affordable shipment through out the United States.

We will also be manufacturing an economy model that will sit on the ground with a base and a large lid for easy access to the compost pile. This will allow ease of stirring and removal of the compost once its completed its cycle. Both Models will be made of recyclable plastic in effort to make the manufacturing of our composters as green as possible.

Quadel Industries Manufacturers 3 models of composters in our line , the Scrap Buster which will be the largest of the 3 models and then the Scrap Buster Mini followed by the Scrap Buster Jr.