Garden Composting Tips No Animal or Pet Droppings.

When deciding what to put in into your composter , one thing to keep in mind is with the exception of eggshells, all you want to be putting into your composter is organic plant , vegetable , fruit materials. Never use animal waste or meat or poultry scraps of any kind and that includes dairy products as well like cheese. Another common household waste is citrus peels from oranges , limes and other citrus fruits, while they will add to the over all nutrients eventually , they do have a tendency to slow down the natural process because of the natural acidic chemicals in them. But the basic rule of thumb is to keep it strictly plant matter and of course no poisons plants like oleander , or even waste like pine needles make very poor compost material. Generally speaking if your composting for the purpose saving it for gardening , stick with grass, leaves and household fruit and vegetable waste and you will be good to go.

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