Garden Composting Tips Moisture and Temperature !

Moisture and Temperature levels are key to getting optimum composting conditions in your composter. If you don’t have enough moisture and too low of temperatures you are not going to get the results you want . So there are some things you can do to help in there areas. One thing is to find a composter that is of dark color to help absorb heat , especially in cooler climates. Also watch your moisture content , you want at least a 50%  humidity level inside your composting device , in drier climates that may mean you need to actually add water on occasion, make sure to use rain water if you can , as chemicals found in tap water will tend to slow down the natural process . It wetter climates make sure to monitor what amount of rainfall is allowed into your composter , you don’t want to over do it either when it comes to moisture, as with most things in nature , moderation is the key both moisture and temperature.

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