Composting Doesn’t Have to Stink !

Hey who said composting has to stink ? Actually if you follow a few simple guidelines your composter should have a nice earthy smell to it , if it starts to stink you just need to make some adjustments. One of the most common mistakes made by the newbie composter is just throwing all your salad scraps or grass clipping into your composter and nothing else. What happens is these scraps are very high in Nitrogen and very wet so they tend lean more toward,  what one would call rotting more than composting.You have to remember to try and balance your composter with both Nitrogen and carbon, so along with your salad and veggie scraps , you want to throw in those leaves and other brown dry material that has lots of carbon. This will give you a nice healthy mixture and keep the smell down and provide you with plenty of nutrient rich mulch for all your gardening needs.

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