Scrap Buster

The Quadel Titan Scrap Buster is one of the largest Compost Tumblers on the market with over 13.5 Cubic Feet of capacity making it an excellent choice for your backyard composting needs.

The Scrap Buster rests easily on it baseĀ  providing a platform for rotating and mixing your compost to ensure maximum aeration and breakdown of your kitchen and yard scraps .

The Titan Scrap Buster is made of heavy duty poly using the rotational molding process making this composter extremely rugged and virtually indestructible for many years of service.
The Quadel Industries Titan Scrap Buster and base is 34″ high 32″ Wide and 40″ long and weighs approximately 40lbs. The Scrap Buster can be used without the base and simply rolled around the yard making it convenient to move anywhere you want with ease. With a large 16″ cap and opening, access to your compost is easy and effortless, simply remove cap and dump contents out or remove with scoop or shovel.

Click Here for Instructions on how to use the "Scrap

Here is the Scrap Buster in action!

Unique Design Allows For Easy shipping by the Pallet!

The Scap Buster’s unique design allows us to ship the Scrap Buster disassembled on a pallet allowing us to ship multiple units to our distributors around the country , keeping freight and storage costs to a minimum.

This Compost Tumbler can be sold with or without the base allowing vendors to offer different price points for their customers. The Scrap Buster comes complete with assembly hardware and can be easily put together in just a few minutes and ready for Scrap Busting duty! If you would like to purchase a Titan Scrap Buster or would like to be a dealer, please contact us at 1-800-Buy-Poly Today and we can get you set up as an authorized Dealer.

Quadel industries is striving to lead the way in creating a more environmentally friendly planet and we are committed to doing our part by using only recycled plastic in the Manufacturing of all our Composter Models , including the Scrap Buster. This takes materials otherwise thrown into the local landfill and turns them into useful products that can continue the process of recycling and helps to minimize continued land fill use!